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Acoustic Solutions for Club

Acoustic design can be a delicate scenario due to Noise code violations produced by loud speakers, DJ events, jukeboxes and live bands. It is best to ensure proper sound isolation to avoid complaints from neighbours and to treat the interior acoustics of the site to create a controlled and comfortable environment for the people to perceive recorded or live loud music.

Acoustic Solutions for Conference Halls

This room is a place where ideas, decisions and confidential information is exchanged. It requires a simple acoustic treatment incorporated with the planning and construction of the room in order to contain sound within the premises and also to provide a clear and comfortable environment for speech.

Acoustic Solutions for Colleges

Classrooms can get very reverberant due to reinforced concrete floors and walls because of reflections. This echo effect can be brought under control by simple acoustical treatment so that the students can perceive speech in a clear and comfortable environment.

Acoustic Solutions for House of worship

A house of worship is a place for sermons and fellowship where speech perception is vital. It is essential to have a balanced reverberation so that the sound is not too reverberant nor dead in regard to speech as well as live or recorded music.

Acoustic Solutions for Hotel and resort

Hotels and resorts can get very noisy by exterior noises such as HVAC, Maintenance, Music from party halls, noisy neighbours, etc. It is important that people do not get disturbed by these sounds since this is a place for resting, sleeping, working, eating, etc. The quality of the hotel depends on different levels of design criteria and treatment of different rooms according to their purpose. Isolation designs are a key factor.

Acoustic Solutions for Concert Halls

This is a place where the audience come to enjoy Live musical performances. In order to create an electrifying environment, the room should have good volume and reverberance allowing sound to fill the premises. The audience should be able to perceive a high-quality sound experience from anywhere in the room.